About Homemade Incredible

Welcome to the world of ho’made! I created this blog to share recipes more efficiently with my friends and family. Admittedly, I also need this blog for my own sake…I make recipes up a lot, and I often need help remembering the good ones. This is my excuse to sit down and write ’em down!

Call me old-fashioned, but I love to cook. From chopping vegetables to washing dishes, cooking my own food has proven to be cathartic, satisfying, and delicious. As meal after meal goes by and recipe after recipe has gotten “tired,” I’ve managed to come up with my own versions of old favorites. My husband refers to my kitchen originals as “wanging it.” Most of the recipes that appear in my blog aren’t terribly original, but they’ve all been “tweaked” to my own specifications. I always try and credit the proper resources for their sake and for yours; you might want to know where I get my inspiration!

I’m a lonely (fish-eating) vegetarian most of the time. Most of the food I make is vegetarian with the option to incorporate meat. Many of these recipes are (apparently) delicious with meat mix-ins, like chicken or spicy sausage. I’ll include those recommendations so if you’re carnivorous and need something meaty to sink your teeth into, you’re taken care of! I know what it’s like to get forgotten at mealtimes.

Finally, I challenge you to be the next ho’made superhero. Cooking your own food is a pain in the butt sometimes, but at least you know what’s in it. Eating is an event! Make every bite worth it (even leftover bites). You, your family, and your pocketbook are worth the trouble. So join the revolution (heck, create the revolution!) and become a ho’made cook with me!


4 thoughts on “About Homemade Incredible

  1. yay!
    you are the first real life blogger i know in person
    i can say i knew you way back when before you had a gazillion devoted blogees (is that the word for blogger followers? – must not be, if spellcheck is harassing me)
    distracted by choc chip cookies now – have none, & missing ingredients to make them….
    anyway, great site!

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