Open-Face Pickle and Tomato Sandwich.

I hesitated to write this post. Veggie sandwiches seem to be pretty intuitive; you pick some veggies, slice ’em thin, and then carefully place them on a slice of bread or toast. Dress it up how you want it. Mayo? K! Cheese? Sounds good. Hummus?! Sure! How about some wasabi? Never tried it, but it’d probably be really awesome. I’m not sure if any of you have this issue, but the cookie does not always crumble in the most satisfying ways. I pile too many things, season one too few layers, let the tomatoes soak the bread too long, put mayo when I wanted spicy mustard…it just doesn’t always go well. When I have a veggie sandwich, I want crunch. Balance. Something that will mostly stay together when I take a bite. Briny tanginess mixed with cool freshness. It’s really hard to do well. This creation was borne out of a total obsession with tomato sandwiches lately and a drive for that briny/tangy/sweet/cool/crunchy combo that makes my day. Bust out your big slices of bread, toast ’em hard, and pile/lightly place away!

1 slice grainy bread, toasted and cooled

1 small tomato, sliced thin

2 tbsp hummus

1/2 tbsp crumbled feta cheese

1 dill pickle spear, sliced thin longways

Salt and pepper

Evenly spread hummus on the slice of toast. Sprinkle feta and press down to secure. Season lightly with salt. Gently place tomato slices to cover the toast. Top with dill pickle spears and a light sprinkling of pepper. Enjoy immediately!


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