Presto Vegan Lemon Basil Pesto.

All summer long, I’ve been growing a curious form of basil that has tiny leaves and chewy stems. It grows like a mofo, looks gorgeous, and the leaves are potently basil-y. My only issue is the stems. Usually basil is so tender and edible, but the stalks on which the itty-bitty delicate leaves grow are like chewing on twist-ties. Annoying. I assure you, I’ve been dealing with this monstrous inconvenience juuusssst fine and have been eating the shiznitty out of some basil, but I wish I wish I wish the stems were a little softer. It was partly out of leaf-plucking laziness and partly out of a desperate need for an adult condiment for baked potatoes that lead me to make this gem of a pesto. Ever notice how so many pesto recipes have cheese? I HATE that. I don’t want cheese in my pesto! Thankfully, I wasn’t missing flavor in this recipe. Lemon and basil basically make out and produce flavor babies and my mouth throws them a party. This shit goes on anything. We put it on potatoes, but then I got ornery and put it on my cole slaw just to see what happened (I ate it) (it was really good) (I recommend it). When I found myself licking the bowl it was in, I felt shame for a split second and then high-fived myself for making such a damn good recipe. So make this green goop and put it on everything! A few notes: pesto is all about throwing flavorful things together in a food processor and assuming it’ll taste good. When I say “bunch of basil,” you might be all, “how big is her bunch” and I’ll be all “none of your business” and you’ll be all “I meant basil you moron” and I’ll be all “oh right um I think it was a handful” and you’ll be all “smh I hate you and your stupid non-recipes” and I’ll be all “I feel you but you can use as much basil as you want man” and you’ll be all “ok thx.” So go with your gut and assume it’ll all turn out delicious.

1/4 c almonds

1 large bunch basil, lightly torn

1 tsp sea salt

Juice of 1 lemon

1/4 c olive oil

In a small food processor, process almonds until they look like a cross between gravel and sand, about 1 minute. Add basil, salt, and lemon juice and process until mixture looks soft and fluffy, about 30 seconds. Drizzle in olive oil and process until mostly smooth, about 45 seconds. Taste and adjust seasoning. Use immediately as a dip, dressing, condiment, or soup (no judgment here!).


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